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AI Movies Fuel Job-Loss Anxiety & Ignite US-China Tech Battle: The Untold Stories

AI Movies Fuel Job-Loss Anxiety & Ignite US-China Tech Battle: The Untold Stories

The rapid advancement of AI technology is raising concerns about its impact on various industries, including writing and journalism. While media giants promise to limit AI-generated content, there is skepticism about their ability to do so effectively. IBM predicts that AI will impact 1.4 billion jobs, with 40-50% of them requiring new skills within three years. Goldman Sachs anticipates 300 million job losses due to AI, including in journalism and writing, due to technologies like ChatGPT.

Humane, a secretive company founded by former Apple employees, has made its debut on the Paris runway with its ‘AI Pin’ wearable device. Equipped with sensors, the device promises innovative personal computing experiences through contextual and ambient computing interactions.

Elon Musk continues to advocate for AI industry regulation, emphasizing the need for an AI referee to ensure public safety. Despite ongoing efforts, a comprehensive bipartisan US policy on AI has not yet been ratified, but there are hopes for progress in 2024.

The US-China “tech war” has expanded to the Middle-East, with Nvidia announcing restrictions on exporting computer chips to unspecified Middle-Eastern countries. This move aims to hinder China’s AI progress, as the region would be an easy source for China to procure these chips. The US has been striving to outpace China in AI development and limiting Chinese access to critical semiconductors has become part of their strategy.

AI-generated content is becoming a challenge for authors, with AI-generated ripoffs of their books being sold on platforms like Amazon. The influx of AI-generated titles, facilitated by tools like ChatGPT, allows people to produce text quickly, leading to fabricated stories and plagiarism. This highlights the need for effective measures to deal with AI-generated content.

Overall, the rapid development of AI technology is having a significant impact on various industries, raising concerns about job loss, regulation, and the challenge of dealing with AI-generated content.

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