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TV Viewing Habits Undergo a Radical Shift, Fueling Consumer Receptiveness to Ads

TV Viewing Habits Undergo a Radical Shift, Fueling Consumer Receptiveness to Ads

The shift in TV viewing habits towards streaming content on connected TV (CTV) is driving significant changes in consumer behavior and presenting new opportunities for advertisers. According to a study by global advertising technology firm, The Trade Desk, 63% of British adults are open to ads in exchange for free streaming content, and 60% subscribe to up to three streaming services. This highlights the growing acceptance of ad-supported content as a means to access free and affordable streaming services.

The research also reveals that over eight in 10 (83%) respondents dedicate up to two hours a day to streaming content, representing an increase from the previous year. This suggests that the explosion of streaming platforms and the availability of diverse content have led to a significant shift in the way UK households watch TV.

Flexibility and content availability are key factors driving the popularity of streaming services, with 74% of respondents valuing the ability to watch on-demand content on CTV and 61% appreciating the variety of available content. However, cost remains a primary concern, with 48% of respondents citing it as a reason for unsubscribing from streaming channels.

Rising costs are also compelling viewers to seek ad-supported alternatives, presenting a significant opportunity for advertisers to reach engaged and receptive audiences. More than half of respondents are open to ads in exchange for free streaming services, and 41% say they are open to ads if they can access a cheaper platform.

However, consumers are selective about the type of ads they are open to. The research shows that 68% of respondents want fewer ads overall, and 56% want shorter ad breaks. This suggests that advertisers need to be mindful of ad frequency and length to ensure a positive ad experience for viewers.

Patrick Morrell, senior director, Inventory and Partnerships EMEA, The Trade Desk, emphasizes the importance of data-driven media buying to create more relevant ads for viewers. By leveraging data, brands can make meaningful connections with their audiences and ensure they are reaching the hearts and minds of consumers.

Overall, the research highlights the changing landscape of TV viewing habits and the growing acceptance of ad-supported content. As more viewers shift to streaming platforms, advertisers have an opportunity to engage new audiences on connected TV and across devices. By delivering targeted and relevant ads, brands can effectively reach consumers and make the most of this evolving trend in TV consumption.

(Note: The commentary has been edited for clarity and conciseness)

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