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Tracy Morgan’s Life-Changing Car Crash: A Grateful Shoutout to his Business Manager

Tracy Morgan’s Life-Changing Car Crash: A Grateful Shoutout to his Business Manager

Tracy Morgan’s heartfelt tribute to his longtime business manager, Mark Landesman, highlights the deep bond they share and the crucial role business managers play in their clients’ lives.

In a recent event, Tracy Morgan expressed his gratitude towards Mark Landesman, his business manager of 20 years, acknowledging that he wouldn’t be where he is today without him. Morgan humorously mentioned how Landesman has prevented him from making impulsive purchases, jokingly saying that he would have had 26 Ferraris and a terrible tax problem if it weren’t for his business manager’s guidance.

However, their relationship goes beyond financial matters. Landesman was the first person to reach the hospital after Morgan’s severe car crash in 2014, showcasing the deep bond they share. Morgan emotionally expressed his love and appreciation for Landesman, considering him not just a business manager or a friend but a member of his family. He thanked him from the bottom of his heart for his unwavering support and assistance throughout the years.

Accepting his award, Landesman shed light on the often misunderstood role of a business manager. While they handle all aspects of their clients’ finances, their relationship with their clients goes much deeper. Clients rely on them for guidance on non-financial matters and seek their advice on various lifestyle issues. Landesman emphasized that they are trusted fiduciaries, playing a significant role in their clients’ lives.

Landesman recalled the difficult time when Morgan was hospitalized, and his family heavily relied on him for guidance. Tough decisions had to be made, and Morgan’s recovery was long and challenging. Landesman visited him throughout his hospital stay and during his rehabilitation, trying to keep his spirits positive. The uncertainty surrounding Morgan’s recovery and whether he would be able to work again was a constant concern.

Today, Morgan has made an impressive recovery and returned to comedy, thanks in part to Landesman’s support and guidance. Their relationship is back to normal, with Landesman jokingly mentioning that he talks Morgan out of buying extravagant items and encourages him to save his money.

In conclusion, the last three years have been overwhelming for many, including business managers like Landesman, who have supported their clients through difficult times, such as the onset of COVID-19 and recent strikes. The role of a business manager extends beyond financial matters, as they provide guidance and support to their clients in various aspects of their lives.

Overall, Tracy Morgan’s tribute to Mark Landesman sheds light on the important role business managers play in the lives of their clients, emphasizing the deep bond and trust that develops over time.

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