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Palace Collaborates with Wedgwood for a Skateboard-Inspired, Strawberry-Infused Tea Set

Palace Collaborates with Wedgwood for a Skateboard-Inspired, Strawberry-Infused Tea Set

Palace and Wedgwood’s collaboration on a series of skateboard designs and a bone china tea set showcases the brands’ ambition to challenge preconceptions, encourage experimentation, and embrace innovation through unexpected collaborations.

In a unique collaboration, Palace, a skate brand known for its freedom of expression, has partnered with Wedgwood, a 260-year-old luxury homeware brand, to create a collection that combines the worlds of skateboarding and fine bone china. The Palace Wedgwood collection, set to launch on October 20th, includes a teapot, cup, saucer, and plate featuring a strawberry graphic pattern inspired by Wedgwood’s wild strawberry and vine pattern.

The collaboration also extends to skateboard designs, with Palace incorporating its graphic strawberry print and Wedgwood’s signature blue hue. The campaign, shot by British photographer Alasdair McLellan, draws inspiration from the BBC TV series “Antiques Roadshow” and features Palace riders alongside ceramics expert Lars Tharp.

Wedgwood, known for its craftsmanship and artistry, sees the collaboration as an opportunity to reinstate itself as a creative hub for artists. The brand aims to welcome mavericks and design pioneers to express themselves freely through Wedgwood, aligning with Palace’s vision of freedom of expression, optimism, and authenticity.

While Wedgwood has collaborated with brands like Topshop Unique and Mulberry in the past, Palace is known for its frequent collaborations with fashion and sports brands. Over the past year, Palace has launched viral collaborations with Gucci, Calvin Klein, and Tour de France Femmes, among others.

The Palace Wedgwood collaboration not only showcases the brands’ ambition to do things differently but also highlights their willingness to challenge preconceptions and embrace innovation. Wedgwood’s fine bone china and luxury homeware collections have attracted fans in the fashion world, and the collaboration with Palace further adds to its appeal.

Overall, the Palace Wedgwood collaboration is a testament to the power of unexpected collaborations and the ability to bring together different worlds to create something unique and exciting. The collection will be available at Palace stores, online, and exclusively at Wedgwood, Harrods.

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