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Op Rudolph’s Charity Calendar Soars High, Bringing Joy and Funds to Honiton’s Community

Op Rudolph’s Charity Calendar Soars High, Bringing Joy and Funds to Honiton’s Community

The charity calendar launched by Operation Rudolph in Honiton is not only raising money for Christmas activities but also bringing a unique twist with a risqué ‘where the elf’ theme.

H2 Operation Rudolph’s Charity Calendar Brings a Playful Twist to Fundraising

In an effort to raise funds for Operation Rudolph’s Christmas activities, a charity calendar has been launched in Honiton. What sets this calendar apart is its risqué ‘where the elf’ theme, which adds a playful twist to the fundraising efforts. The calendar, a collaboration between Gavin, director of MKM, and Op Rudolph, aims to engage the community and raise money for various Christmas events in the town.

Sharon Thorne, who was initially shocked by the idea, embraced the concept and suggested the ‘where the elf’ theme, inspired by the popular ‘where is Wally’ books. A photographer was hired, and the team had a great time capturing the playful and cheeky poses for the calendar. Thorne commended the team at MKM for their creativity and planning, which included a photo board for unique and fun shots.

Operation Rudolph, now in its 4th year, has big plans for this Christmas. In addition to the charity calendar, several gift drive events are scheduled. The first event, A Wood Oven Flat Bread and Father Christmas, will take place on Thursday, October 26 at The Pig in Gittisham. The second event, a Great South West Scone Off, will be held at the Georgian Orangery at Deer Park on November 12. Both events offer opportunities to donate presents to Santa Claus.

As Christmas approaches, Operation Rudolph has organized a Community Meal on Christmas Day at The CUB. The meal is open to everyone, and transport is available for those who need it. For those unable to attend, the organization is offering to bring a cooked meal to their homes. Additionally, Operation Rudolph aims to ensure that no one wakes up on Christmas Day without a gift from Santa. They have received hundreds of donated gifts to spread joy during the holiday season.

To further assist those in need, Operation Rudolph is providing Christmas Day Meal Boxes. These boxes contain all the ingredients necessary for a festive meal at home and are sponsored by Combe Farm Shop & Estate.

Operation Rudolph’s mission is to support individuals who may find the Christmas season challenging due to financial or social reasons. They encourage everyone to register, volunteer, or find out more information about their initiatives on their website at www.inspiring-connections.org/operation-rudolph or by emailing info@inspiring-connections.org.

In conclusion, the launch of Operation Rudolph’s charity calendar brings a unique and playful twist to fundraising efforts for Christmas activities in Honiton. The ‘where the elf’ theme adds a touch of fun and creativity to engage the community while raising funds for a good cause. With a range of gift drive events, community meals, and support for those in need, Operation Rudolph is making a positive impact during the holiday season.

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