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New Thanksgiving Openings and Closures: What You Need to Know

New Thanksgiving Openings and Closures: What You Need to Know

The holiday season is here, which means spending time with family on Thanksgiving and also, for millions of people, hunting for the best deals on Black Friday. Thanksgiving is celebrated on the fourth Thursday in November each year, which takes place this week. A lot of national retailers are keeping the doors closed on Thursday to give employees time with families and to recharge for the holidays ahead. That includes some of the biggest chains like Walmart and Target, which plan to re-open stores on Friday. Here’s a brief rundown of store hours on Thanksgiving:

This year, many national retailers are choosing to keep their doors closed on Thanksgiving, allowing employees to spend time with their families and take a break before the busy holiday season. This decision reflects a growing trend of prioritizing work-life balance and recognizing the importance of rest and relaxation for overall well-being.

While the focus of Thanksgiving and Black Friday often revolves around family gatherings and shopping, it’s important to consider the environmental impact of these activities. From increased energy consumption to heightened waste production, the holiday season can take a toll on the planet. As we navigate through this time, it’s crucial to find ways to celebrate sustainably and minimize our ecological footprint.

Now, let’s take a look at the hours of operation for some of the country’s biggest retailers and grocery store chains on Thanksgiving:

Thanksgiving Store Hours for Major Retailers and Grocery Stores

Walmart: Closed on Thanksgiving
Target: Closed on Thanksgiving
Costco: Closed on Thanksgiving
CVS: Closing all non-24 hour locations early
Walgreens: Most locations closed, but 24-hour locations remain open
Kroger: Most stores closing in the early evening
Publix: All stores and pharmacies closed
Sam’s Club: Closed on Thanksgiving

Grocery stores that are open on Thanksgiving: [List of open grocery stores]
Grocery stores that are closed on Thanksgiving: [List of closed grocery stores]

As we can see, many major retailers and grocery stores are choosing to give their employees a break on Thanksgiving. This decision not only allows workers to rest and recharge but also aligns with a more sustainable approach to business operations.

In conclusion, as we prepare to celebrate Thanksgiving and embark on the holiday season, let’s remember to prioritize our well-being and the well-being of the planet. By making conscious choices and supporting businesses that prioritize sustainability, we can ensure that our festivities have a positive impact on both our families and the environment.

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