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New Italian Wooden Gravel Bike Redefines Cycling Innovation

New Italian Wooden Gravel Bike Redefines Cycling Innovation

of wood. The Ornus, from a new company of the same name, is a gravel bike with a frame made of solid hardwood.

Next, provide an: Analysis Point: Break down the key points and implications of the information presented, such as the bike’s unique construction and the potential environmental impact of using wood as a frame material.

Then, include a: Quote Point: Share a relevant quote from a reputable source, such as a statement from Ornus about the advantages of using wood for the frame and its sustainability compared to traditional materials.

After that, add a: Visual Point: Incorporate an image or video of the Ornus gravel bike to visually enhance the reader’s understanding and appreciation of the unique wooden frame.

Finally, conclude with an: Action Point: Encourage the reader to consider the potential impact of the Ornus gravel bike and its use of wood as a frame material, and to reflect on the broader implications for sustainable and innovative design in the cycling industry.

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