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Medovate and Fannin Revolutionize Medical Technology in Ireland with Groundbreaking SAFIRA Distribution Deal

Medovate and Fannin Revolutionize Medical Technology in Ireland with Groundbreaking SAFIRA Distribution Deal

Medovate’s distribution deal with Fannin Limited for SAFIRA in Ireland marks a significant step towards revolutionizing regional anesthesia practice and enhancing patient safety.

In a recent development, Medovate, a medical device development company based in Cambridge, has partnered with Fannin Limited, a Dublin-based company, to distribute SAFIRA (SAFer Injection for Regional Anaesthesia) across the Island of Ireland. SAFIRA, a system developed in collaboration with anaesthetists in the UK NHS, aims to transform standard regional anesthesia clinical practice and promote patient safety.

Regional anesthesia is a widely used technique that involves placing peripheral nerve blocks to numb a specific part of the body before a surgical procedure. This allows the patient to remain awake but feel no pain. Traditionally, regional anesthesia requires a two-person procedure, but with the SAFIRA system, it becomes a one-person procedure, giving the anaesthetist full control without the need for an assistant.

One of the key features of the SAFIRA system is its built-in safety mechanism. The technology automatically stops injection at a calibrated threshold, reducing the risk of nerve damage from high-pressure injections. This innovative safety feature enhances patient safety during regional anesthesia procedures.

Fannin Limited, with its extensive experience in providing high-quality medical products, has been chosen as the exclusive distributor for SAFIRA in Ireland. The partnership with Fannin will enable anaesthetists across the Island of Ireland to access and apply the SAFIRA system in their everyday practice, bringing the benefits of this award-winning technology to both healthcare professionals and patients.

Stuart Thomson, the managing director at Medovate, expressed his excitement about the agreement with Fannin, highlighting their shared mission to make innovative and high-quality medical devices available to healthcare providers. He emphasized the potential clinical, patient safety, and cost-saving benefits that the SAFIRA system offers, which will now be accessible to regional anaesthetists across Ireland.

Kieran O’Halloran, the commercial director at Fannin, also expressed his enthusiasm about the partnership. He emphasized Fannin’s tradition of supplying the Irish market with innovative solutions and products that benefit clinicians and patients. The addition of the SAFIRA system aligns perfectly with Fannin’s commitment to delivering high-quality healthcare solutions.

The SAFIRA system has already been launched in several countries, including the UK, the United States, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, and the Middle East. Its success is further highlighted by winning the Health Services Journal (HSJ) award for “Patient Safety Innovation of the Year 2021.” Health economic modelling has also demonstrated the potential of the SAFIRA system to help healthcare providers achieve time and cost savings while improving patient safety.

Overall, the distribution deal between Medovate and Fannin for SAFIRA in Ireland is a significant development in the field of regional anesthesia. The partnership aims to enhance patient safety, streamline anesthesia procedures, and improve outcomes for both healthcare professionals and patients. With the SAFIRA system now available to anaesthetists across Ireland, it is expected to have a positive impact on the field of anesthesia and contribute to a safer and more efficient healthcare system.

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