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Marpac Brewmaster Dinner: A Gastronomic Delight Exquisite Pairings & Craft Brews!

Marpac Brewmaster Dinner: A Gastronomic Delight Exquisite Pairings & Craft Brews!

The upcoming Brewmaster Dinner, featuring fifth-generation brewmaster George Reisch, is set to be a great event that beer enthusiasts won’t want to miss. The collaboration between Reisch and local Executive Chef Zenn Tomokane will result in a four-course meal expertly paired with Marpac beer products. The event, which is part of Marpac’s 50th anniversary celebrations, has already generated significant demand, leading to an increase in capacity to accommodate more attendees.

The Brewmaster Dinner, scheduled for Friday, Oct. 20 at the Crowne Plaza Resort, promises to be an unforgettable experience for beer lovers. George Reisch, a fifth-generation brewmaster from a family with a rich brewing heritage, will be the highlight of the event. Reisch has an impressive resume, having served as the official brewmaster of Anheuser-Busch Inc. and as the company’s director of brewmaster outreach. He has also held positions of leadership in brewing associations and has been a judge at various beer competitions.

Collaborating with local Executive Chef Zenn Tomokane, Reisch will expertly pair Marpac beer products with a four-course meal. The event will begin with a social hour mixer on the lawn, where guests can enjoy Goose Island IPA with pretzels, sausage, and a beer cheese dip. The dinner will then move to the Hibiscus Hall, where a guided four-course meal will be served.

The first course will feature tuna nigiri, micro greens, citrus, Maldon sea salt-scorched tuna nigiri, and ginger mayo paint, paired with the popular Michelob Ultra. Guests will then be treated to a beer corn chowder, jalapeño crisps, and bacon course, accompanied by the iconic Budweiser. The main course will take guests on an international journey, with Belgian Stella Artois paired with a smoked Certified Angus beef kalbi, sweet potato cake, and house-made pickles. Finally, the dessert will consist of vanilla gelato, pear caramel, dark chocolate tuille, and Michelob AmberBock.

The beverage pairings for the dinner represent Marpac’s top five beers, according to Guy Pudney, resident manager of Marpac. Pudney expressed his excitement for the event, noting that the Brewmaster Dinner is always a memorable occasion. He emphasized the showmanship and entertainment value that George Reisch brings to the event, engaging the crowd and leaving a lasting impression.

The demand for the Brewmaster Dinner has been significant, with tickets selling out quickly. Originally planned for a room with a capacity of 128 people, the event has been moved to a larger space at the Crowne Plaza to accommodate 168 attendees. Pudney believes that the dinner will be talked about for months after it is over, further adding to Marpac’s milestone 50th anniversary celebrations.

In conclusion, the Brewmaster Dinner featuring George Reisch promises to be a remarkable event for beer enthusiasts. With an expertly crafted four-course meal paired with Marpac beer products, guests are in for a treat. The event’s popularity has led to an increase in capacity, allowing more people to attend and enjoy this memorable occasion.

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