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Local Business Owner’s Bold Threat to Shut Down Business Over Controversial 5G Mast Sparks Outrage

Local Business Owner’s Bold Threat to Shut Down Business Over Controversial 5G Mast Sparks Outrage

The installation of a 5G mast outside a furniture shop in Stapleford, Nottinghamshire has caused controversy, with the business owner threatening to move or sell his business due to the negative impact on trade and the perceived loss of property value.

In a recent development in the ongoing debate surrounding the rollout of 5G technology, a business owner in Stapleford, Nottinghamshire has threatened to relocate or sell his business after a 15m-high 5G mast was erected outside his shop. Gary McGrath, co-director of Nu-trend Interiors, described the mast as an “eyesore” and expressed concerns about its detrimental impact on his trade. He fears that the presence of the mast could cause his property to lose 20% of its value.

Proposals for the mast were submitted to the Broxtowe Borough Council by Cignal Infrastructure UK on behalf of the Three network in April, and planning permission was granted in June despite opposition from local residents and businesses, including Mr. McGrath. The mast was erected outside the shop in early October, prompting Mr. McGrath to voice his concerns about the impact on the appearance of the high street.

Mr. McGrath emphasized that his business has invested £50,000 in renovating the exterior of the premises, which has been operating in the town since 1996. He expressed frustration at the decision to place the mast in a prominent location, stating that it undermines the efforts to make the high street a pleasant environment. He clarified that he is not against technological advancements but believes that the mast should have been placed in a more discreet location.

In response to the concerns raised, a spokesperson for Three stated that the mast was necessary to provide a great network experience for the local area. They acknowledged the efforts to keep mast sites as unobtrusive as possible but emphasized the need to position them near areas where people will be using the service to ensure comprehensive coverage.

The controversy surrounding the installation of the 5G mast highlights the ongoing tensions between the desire for improved connectivity and the impact on local communities. While the rollout of 5G technology promises faster and more reliable internet access, the visual impact and potential effects on property values have sparked concerns among residents and business owners. The situation in Stapleford serves as a reminder of the need for open dialogue and careful consideration when implementing new infrastructure in local communities.

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