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Inflatable Helmet Project Surpasses $10,000 Crowdfunding Goal, Head Protection

Inflatable Helmet Project Surpasses $10,000 Crowdfunding Goal, Head Protection

Revolutionizing Safety: The Inflabi Inflatable Helmet

With the rise of urban cycling, the need for practical and convenient safety gear has never been more pressing. German brand Inflabi is aiming to address this need with its innovative inflatable helmet, designed specifically for commuter cyclists.

The Inflabi helmet’s unique design allows for it to be easily packed away when not in use, making it a convenient option for city riders who may find traditional helmets cumbersome to carry or store. The helmet’s inflatable nature also offers a level of impact protection that is different from traditional solid polystyrene construction, utilizing pressurized air chambers to provide safety in the event of a crash.

While the helmet is still in its prototype phase, the brand is seeking to move into production next year, with a crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo to raise the necessary funds. The minimum target of $10,000 will help bring this innovative product to market, offering a new option for urban cyclists looking for a more convenient and practical safety solution.

Addressing the Needs of Commuter Cyclists

One of the key insights behind the development of the Inflabi helmet is the recognition that commuter cyclists have different needs from recreational riders. The founders of Inflabi identified that while mountain bikers are more likely to consistently use helmets, city riders may be less inclined to do so due to the inconvenience of carrying or storing a traditional helmet when not on the bike.

This understanding led to the creation of the Inflabi inflatable helmet, which aims to provide a solution to this specific challenge. By offering a helmet that can be easily packed away and inflated when needed, Inflabi hopes to encourage more city riders to prioritize safety by wearing a helmet during their daily commutes.

Safety and Practicality Combined

One of the most compelling aspects of the Inflabi helmet is its combination of safety and practicality. While still in the prototype phase, the brand has conducted internal testing and is confident in the helmet’s ability to provide impact protection. In fact, Inflabi claims that the helmet is expected to be up to four times safer than the requirements set out in European safety standards, a claim that will be put to the test when the helmet undergoes official safety certification.

With a price point of €159 once it becomes publicly available for purchase, the Inflabi helmet offers a compelling option for urban cyclists looking for a convenient and safety-focused solution. The crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo is an opportunity for individuals to support the development of this innovative product and be part of bringing it to market.

Join the Conversation

As the Inflabi inflatable helmet aims to revolutionize safety for commuter cyclists, we want to hear from you. Would a packable inflatable helmet encourage you to wear a helmet more when city riding or commuting? Share your thoughts and join the conversation about this innovative approach to cycling safety.

Stay tuned for updates on the development of the Inflabi helmet and its journey towards production and availability in the market. Together, we can explore new solutions for sustainable and safe urban cycling.

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