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Hornets Revolutionize Menopause Awareness: A Game-Changing World Menopause Day 2023

Hornets Revolutionize Menopause Awareness: A Game-Changing World Menopause Day 2023

The town of Watford is taking steps to become a menopause-friendly town, with initiatives such as distributing Understanding Menopause booklets and hosting events to raise awareness and support for women going through menopause.

Watford Council’s efforts to become a menopause-friendly town align with the broader goal of promoting inclusivity and well-being in the community.

Watford Council is making strides towards becoming a menopause-friendly town, as highlighted by Councillor Jenny Pattinson during a recent update on their work. The council’s efforts are aimed at providing support and resources for women experiencing menopause, a natural but often challenging phase of life.

One of the key initiatives undertaken by the council is the distribution of 32,000 copies of the Understanding Menopause booklet. Thanks to a memorial fundraising campaign led by Martin Weatherilt and his family, the booklets are now available to women in Watford through various channels such as schools, GP surgeries, and community centers. Additionally, Watford FC, the local football club, will be sending copies of the booklet to all female season ticket holders, further expanding the reach of this valuable resource.

Dave Messenger, Watford FC’s EDI Lead, expressed gratitude towards the panel that contributed to the menopause awareness event, acknowledging their inspirational words and contributions. He also emphasized the importance of continuing the conversations and announced plans to hold another event in the New Year due to the overwhelming demand.

In addition to raising awareness through events, Watford Council is collaborating with Menopause Support, a not-for-profit community interest company, and the home of the national #MakeMenopauseMatter campaign. Diane Danzebrink, a panel member and founder of Menopause Support, has played a crucial role in advocating for better support and understanding of menopause. This collaboration aims to further amplify the voices of women going through menopause and ensure their needs are met.

Looking ahead, the council and Menopause Support are planning to host a webinar on the subject of how exercise can support women during the menopause. Although the date is yet to be confirmed, this webinar will provide valuable information and guidance on the role of physical activity in managing menopause symptoms.

Watford Council’s commitment to becoming a menopause-friendly town aligns with their broader efforts to promote equality, diversity, and inclusion within the community. By addressing the specific needs of women going through menopause, the council is taking a step towards creating a supportive and inclusive environment for all residents.

As the conversation around menopause continues to gain momentum, it is encouraging to see local authorities like Watford Council taking proactive steps to support women during this phase of life. By providing resources, hosting events, and collaborating with organizations like Menopause Support, the council is fostering a community that prioritizes the well-being and inclusivity of all its members.

For those seeking advice or support regarding menopause, Menopause Support offers a wealth of information and resources through their not-for-profit community interest company.

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