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Hollywood Execs at MIPCOM 2023: Evolution of Feminism

Hollywood Execs at MIPCOM 2023: Evolution of Feminism

The MIPCOM Women in Global Entertainment Power Lunch provided an opportunity for female executives in the television industry to reflect on the influential role their mothers played as their first mentors. These executives, including Nekesa Mumbi Moody, Ruth Berry, and Beatrice Springborn, highlighted the brilliance and achievements of their mothers, who served as role models for their own successful careers. This insight emphasizes the importance of inspiration starting at home and showcases the impact of strong female figures in shaping the professional journeys of these executives.

As the panel discussed their careers and the progress made by women in the entertainment industry, they called for a redefinition of feminism to focus on empowering others and supporting female colleagues across all sectors. They emphasized the need to move away from individual striving and instead foster a collective approach to empowerment. The executives acknowledged the significant progress made since the #MeToo movement, with greater representation of women in positions of power and a broader acceptance of leadership styles that embrace stereotypical feminine traits. However, they also recognized that there is still work to be done in creating a more inclusive and equal industry.

The panelists highlighted the importance of female leadership in driving positive change. They credited their female bosses, such as ITV Chief Executive Carolyn McCall, for creating a more balanced and empathetic work environment. The increased acceptance of work/life balance was attributed to the empathetic nature of female leadership. While the #MeToo movement brought awareness and allowed individuals to share their experiences, the panelists emphasized the need to continue progressing beyond #MeToo and focus on the “What Now?” and “What Next?” questions. They recognized the importance of expanding the impact of the movement to create a wider and more transformative change.

Overall, the panel discussion at the MIPCOM Women in Global Entertainment Power Lunch highlighted the significance of mothers as role models and the need for a redefined feminism that empowers others. The executives expressed optimism about the progress made in the industry but acknowledged the ongoing work required to achieve true equality and inclusivity.

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