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From the Pitch to the Hive: Surprising Beekeeping Passion of a Football Star

From the Pitch to the Hive: Surprising Beekeeping Passion of a Football Star

David Beckham’s latest endeavor as a beekeeper showcases his multifaceted persona, adding another layer to his already diverse career.

In the upcoming EcoReporter segment, we will delve into David Beckham’s latest venture as a beekeeper, as highlighted in his new Netflix documentary. The four-part series delves into Beckham’s life, from his rise to superstardom in football to his personal and professional achievements.

The documentary begins with Beckham donning full beekeeper attire and harvesting honey from his Cotswolds home. His passion for beekeeping is evident, with his beekeeper suit monogrammed with his initials, ‘DB’, in gold lettering. Beckham expresses his desire to name the honey “Golden Bees,” while his wife, Victoria, prefers the name “DB’s Sticky Stuff.”

Through a combination of historical footage and new interviews with familiar faces such as Sir Alex Ferguson and Anna Wintour, director Fisher Stevens and producer John Battsek aim to provide an intimate portrait of Beckham. The first episode focuses on his humble beginnings as the son of a gas engineer and hairdresser in East End, his rise to fame with Manchester United and England, and his budding relationship with Victoria.

While Beckham’s public persona often remains elusive, the documentary offers new insights and colors to his character. However, there is a sense that Beckham may tailor his responses to please the audience. Nevertheless, Stevens manages to extract captivating anecdotes, such as Beckham’s involvement in Manchester’s vibrant nightlife and his affinity for Lego as a quirky hobby.

The first episode, titled “The Kick,” reminisces about Beckham’s iconic goal against Wimbledon in 1996, which catapulted him into stardom. It provides in-depth details about his early career and his relationship with Victoria, both past and present.

The documentary also covers Beckham’s lowest moment in the spotlight, his sending off against Argentina at the 1998 World Cup, as well as his self-doubt and struggles following the tournament. It explores his strained relationship with Ferguson, his move to Real Madrid, and his post-retirement life.

Overall, the first episode offers a nostalgic trip down memory lane for viewers of a certain age, showcasing Beckham’s journey from being cutting-edge and trendsetting to his current image, which may seem relatively vanilla by today’s standards.

In conclusion, David Beckham’s foray into beekeeping adds another layer to his already diverse career. The upcoming EcoReporter segment will provide a fresh perspective on Beckham’s latest endeavor, highlighting his passion for the environment and his dedication to sustainable practices.

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