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Forbidden: 13 Taboos to Break This Navratri 2023

Forbidden: 13 Taboos to Break This Navratri 2023

The festival of Navratri holds great significance in the Hindu religion, and during these nine days, there are certain mistakes that should be avoided. Let us explore these mistakes and understand why they are important to be mindful of during Navratri.

One of the first things to avoid during Navratri is consuming non-vegetarian food. The festival is a time of devotion and purity, and any kind of meat consumption is considered forbidden during these nine days.

Additionally, it is advised to avoid using garlic and onion at home during Navratri. These ingredients have been categorized as tamasic food since ancient times and are not considered suitable for offerings to Maa Durga.

Cutting hair and nails during Navratri is also discouraged. In Hindu religion, it is believed that cutting hair and nails during a fast is inauspicious, so it is better to avoid it during this time.

Consuming alcohol and tobacco is harmful to health and should be avoided not only during Navratri but also in general. These substances go against the principles of purity and devotion that Navratri represents.

Wasting food is considered extremely insulting, even on ordinary days. During Navratri, it is essential to exercise patience and avoid wasting any food. This aligns with the values of gratitude and respect for resources.

Navaratri is a sacred period of prayer and devotion, and it strongly discourages the use of foul language or negative speech. It is important to maintain a positive and respectful attitude during this time.

Engaging in unholy activities, such as lying and cheating, should not even come to mind during Navratri. The festival is a time for spiritual growth and moral contemplation, and actions that go against these principles are frowned upon.

Respecting women is crucial not only during Navratri but also on normal days. The festival celebrates the strength and courage of Goddess Durga, and any wrong actions against women should be avoided.

Gossiping and saying negative things about others should be avoided during Navratri. It is not just the purity of food and surroundings that matters during this time, but also the purity of the mind.

Neglecting rituals and prayer is viewed as disrespectful during Navratri. The festival promotes meditation and rituals, and it is important to participate in these practices and understand their profound significance.

Fasting during Navratri is a means of purifying both the body and mind. It is advised to try not to skip fasting, especially on the first two and the last day of Navratri, to fully embrace the spiritual benefits of the festival.

Navratri is a time of generosity and spreading love and goodwill. Embracing charitable actions aligns with the ethos of the festival and contributes to the spirit of giving and compassion.

Lastly, it is crucial to take care of the Akhand Jyoti, the continuously lit diya symbolizing the presence of divine energy. Ensuring that someone is always present to maintain the lit diya and keep the flame uninterrupted is important during Navratri.

In conclusion, Navratri is a festival of great significance in the Hindu religion, and during these nine days, it is important to avoid certain mistakes. By avoiding non-vegetarian food, garlic and onion, cutting hair and nails, consuming alcohol and tobacco, wasting food, using foul language, engaging in unholy activities, disrespecting women, gossiping, neglecting rituals and prayer, skipping fasting, ignoring charity, and not taking care of the Akhand Jyoti, we can fully embrace the spirit of Navratri and experience its profound spiritual benefits.

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