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Explosive Indian Police Raid Exposes Shocking Chinese Propaganda Web

Explosive Indian Police Raid Exposes Shocking Chinese Propaganda Web

The recent police raids on the homes of journalists and staff at NewsClick, a news website accused of being a Chinese propaganda outlet, have raised concerns about freedom of speech in India under Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government.

In a crackdown on NewsClick, more than 40 journalists, contributors, and support staff had their homes raided by police in New Delhi. The operation took place amid escalating tensions between India and China following a stand-off on their shared Himalayan border.

During the raids, journalists reported that their phones and laptops were seized by the police. Bhasha Singh, a contributor to the site, wrote on social media that it was her “last tweet from this phone” as her device was confiscated. Another journalist, Abhisar Sharma, posted that the police had taken away his laptop and phone.

Media advocacy groups have criticized the raids, viewing them as a further deterioration of freedom of speech in India under the Modi government. India’s rankings on press freedom have dropped since Modi took office in 2014, with Reporters Without Borders ranking the country 161st out of 180 countries in its World Press Freedom Index.

Indian officials, however, claim that they are investigating NewsClick’s alleged Chinese links and the spread of Chinese propaganda. They argue that the raids are necessary to secure evidence and prevent tampering of electronic records stored on the seized devices.

The Modi government has taken a tough stance against Chinese companies and apps since deadly clashes in the Ladakh region in 2020. India has banned dozens of Chinese-owned apps, launched tax probes into Chinese mobile phone companies, and introduced rules subjecting investments by companies from China and neighboring countries to government approval.

In 2021, India’s enforcement directorate conducted raids on the offices and homes of NewsClick officials and journalists as part of a funding probe. The Press Club of India has expressed deep concern about the raids and called on the government to provide more details.

Overall, the raids on NewsClick have sparked debates about freedom of speech, the role of the media, and the government’s actions in India. The incident highlights the ongoing tensions between India and China and the challenges faced by journalists and media organizations in the country.

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