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Ensurge’s Revolutionary Microbattery Technology Shatters Industry Standards, Limitless Possibilities

Ensurge’s Revolutionary Microbattery Technology Shatters Industry Standards, Limitless Possibilities

Ensurge Micropower has achieved a significant milestone in the development of its solid-state lithium thin-film battery technology. A peer-reviewed paper describing the technology has been accepted in the prestigious ACS Energy Letters journal. This recognition highlights Ensurge’s dedication to creating a scalable and marketable transformative battery technology.

Ensurge’s CEO, Lars Eikeland, expressed pride in the team’s contribution to the publication of the paper, emphasizing the collaborative effort that has led to technological advancements. The paper discusses Ensurge’s compact and rechargeable battery, designed for form-factor-constrained wearables and high-performance electronic devices. It offers greater volumetric energy density, fast charging, safety, long cycle life, and compatibility with surface-mount technology assembly.

The article also explains how Ensurge achieves these capabilities through an anodeless architecture and a low-waste, roll-to-roll fabrication process. This simplified manufacturing environment paves the way for the commercialization of the microbattery, which has the potential to overcome the limitations of conventional lithium batteries and drive electronic innovations.

ACS Energy Letters, ranked as the number one journal in the Web of Science Electrochemistry category, provides a platform for Ensurge to share its breakthroughs with the scientific community. The American Chemical Society (ACS), a nonprofit organization, aims to advance the broader chemistry enterprise and promote excellence in science education. ACS journals are among the most cited and trusted in the scientific literature.

Ensurge Micropower is dedicated to energizing innovation with its ultrathin, flexible, reliable, and safe solid-state lithium microbattery. The technology is ideal for wearable devices, connected sensors, and other applications that require energy-dense rechargeable products in a limited form factor.

Overall, Ensurge’s acceptance into ACS Energy Letters showcases the company’s progress and commitment to developing transformative battery technology. This achievement has the potential to drive advancements in the field of electrochemistry and energy, leading to a new era of electronic innovations.

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