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Bollywood’s Vegan Revolution: 9 Celebrities Ditch Animal Products, Sparking a Plant-Based Movement

Bollywood’s Vegan Revolution: 9 Celebrities Ditch Animal Products, Sparking a Plant-Based Movement

The rise of veganism in India is gaining momentum, with around 5 million vegans in the country, according to The Times of India. While vegetarianism is already widespread in India, veganism is slowly growing in popularity. This is reflected in Bollywood, where many actors are leading the way in adopting a vegan lifestyle.

India’s Food Safety and Standards Authority has responded to this growing demand by releasing a new definition of vegan food, along with regulations and a logo for plant-based food items. This has led to the launch of several new meat- and dairy-free products in the country, including vegan milk chocolate, plant-based chicken pizzas, and vegan sausage products.

In the last few years, a number of Bollywood stars have made the switch to veganism. Richa Chadha, an actor, producer, and political activist, switched to veganism after becoming “sick” of dairy. She believes that humans are not meant to consume milk from another mammal and that it is heavy on the body.

Actors Riteish and Genelia Deshmukh went vegan after their son questioned how they could eat chicken if they loved their dog. They have since advocated for the health benefits of a vegan lifestyle and even launched their own plant-based meat line called Imagine Meat.

Actress Alia Bhatt has been vegan for three years and is passionate about animal welfare and the environment. She has her own sustainability-focused platform called Coexist, which aims to raise awareness of ethical consumption and environmental preservation.

These Bollywood stars are just a few examples of the growing number of individuals in India who are embracing a vegan lifestyle. With the increasing availability of vegan products and the rising awareness of the benefits of a plant-based diet, it is likely that veganism will continue to gain popularity in the country.

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