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Australia’s Untold Stories: 5 Intriguing Insights You Can’t Miss

Australia’s Untold Stories: 5 Intriguing Insights You Can’t Miss

The Australian government has proposed new regulations for crypto exchanges and digital asset platforms, aiming to prevent another crypto exchange collapse.

In the first news item, the federal government has released a proposal paper recommending regulations for crypto exchanges and digital asset platforms. The proposal suggests that these platforms should be subject to existing Australian financial services laws and obtain an Australian Financial Services Licence. The proposed regulations would require digital asset platforms to meet specific obligations, such as minimum standards for holding tokens and standards for custody software and transactions. The government believes that these regulations will help prevent future crypto exchange collapses.

Moving on to science news, quantum physicist Professor Michelle Simmons, the 2018 Australian of the year, has received the top honor at the Prime Minister’s prizes for science. She was recognized for her groundbreaking work in the field of atomic electronics, which has applications in the digital and quantum age. Simmons and her team are part of the global race to create the world’s first error-corrected quantum computer.

In technology news, there are rumors of new Apple products on the horizon. It is speculated that a new iPad, a new Pencil, and a cheaper version of the Apple Vision Pro may be in development. Apple has reportedly been discussing ways to manufacture a more affordable version of the Vision Pro, aiming for a retail price range of $US1500 to $US2500. The company may reduce costs by using low-resolution displays and an iPhone processor instead of a Mac chip. The cheaper model may also omit certain features like EyeSight and external cameras and sensors.

In social media news, Twitch, a popular streaming platform, has introduced a new feature called Stories. Similar to other platforms, Twitch users who have streamed for at least 45 minutes in the last 30 days can post Stories that are viewable by their followers and subscribers on the Twitch mobile app. Unlike other platforms, Twitch Stories will last 48 hours instead of the usual 24.

Lastly, LinkedIn has announced layoffs of approximately 668 employee roles across the company. The layoffs will affect various departments, including engineering, product, talent, and finance. This accounts for roughly 3% of LinkedIn’s global workforce. The company stated that it is adapting its organizational structures and decision-making processes but will continue to invest in strategic priorities to deliver value to its members and customers.

In conclusion, today’s EcoReporter segment covered a range of topics, from proposed regulations for crypto exchanges to scientific achievements, technology rumors, social media updates, and company layoffs. Stay tuned for more updates on environmental news and insights.

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