Koth Studio’s LaserStrikers arrives at Steam Greenlight.

The latest Videogame production from Koth Studio is now available on the Steam Greenlight platform for approval, and release.

Laser Strikers, the latest game development of Koth Studio has been uploaded to Steam Greenlight platform to collect votes from subscribers and prepare its release on Steam.

Laser Strikers is a frantic and tactical game for 1 to 4 players, choose a team and choose one of the two different roles available, Striker or Defender, each with his unique abilities and power ups to shoot spectacular tricks in any of the different game modes.
Compete with your friends in local multiplayer mode, Laser Strikers is a game that test your reflexes and your team tactics, an explosive mix of speed and strategy to score on the opposite side and defeat your opponent.

Laser Strikers is a Windows PC game that can be played using the keyboard, any game controller, or with a camera Kinect for Windows with an imnovative motion based game control for up to 4 players.

Laser Strikers is the first Koth Studio production made for Windows PC platform and available on Steam as downloadable content as soon as it goes through the Greenlight process.

Koth Studio is asking all Steam Community users to collaborate with us by entering Steam Greenlight and voting for Laser Strikers, for a fast approval and release of the game.