Welcome To Laser Strikers

The game is now available on Steam




Compete with your friends in this vertiginous 2 vs 2 local cooperative game by scoring goals with the Striker or guarding the goal with the Defender. Compatible with Kinect for windows


Compete with your friends in a sport where what matters are réflex responses. Assume one of the roles, Defender or Striker, and team up with your allies to carry out your team tactics.


The shared PowerUps system for each team allows each PowerUp collected by the Striker to be activated by the Defender at a precise time.

Communication is vital so do not Waste’Em.

Local Cooperative Game up to 4 players. Compete with each other or against the IA.

2 Different Player Roles: Defender and Striker, each with unique abilities.

PowerUps shared by the teams Use them to boost your teammates!

Wide Variety of fields with increasing difficulty made to test your reflexes!

Full Controller Support for most Dual Shock controllers.

Compatible with Kinect for Windows in an exclusive mode of up to 4 players


The powerful Defender’s blockage is in charge of preventing the ball from reaching the goal area. He is responsible for activating the Power Ups and with an unique ability, the Defender is able to catch and redirect the ball with a super powerful shot.


The furious Striker patrols the Playfield leaving a trail behind as it charges energy, allowing the Striker to create a barrier and generate waves of force to push the ball against the opponent. He is the one collecting the PowerUps for the team while trying to take down the Striker from the rival team.