Welcome To Johnny Jalapeño

A Very Spicy Game

Teaser Video

Johnny is the thoughest vigilante of the Wild West. He is the faster gun and unerring with the lasso like no otherBut Johnny has an odditty: he is addicted to jalapeños.


He can’t stop eating jalapeños, and when he doesn’t feel the burn in his throat, he starts to feel short of air to breath.


Johnny is the thoughest cowboy of the hard west, and due to this, he earned the hostility of many people, one of them is Butch McCook, a crazy cook, that taking advantage of Johnny’s debility for Jalapeños, decided to use him as a test subject ofr his experiment with food and time travel.


When Johnny devours that hot Jalapeño chili, he suddenly dissapear in front of the Cook’s eyes just to appear in the prehistoric age, now Johnny must must keep traveling in time by eating all the Jalapeños he can catch to maintain the burning and reach back to his age, and revenge!

In order to maintain a level of acidity, Johnny must catch all the Jalapeños as he can with his lasso, together with some other elements that will help him keep burning, and to avoid some others that will turn off the fire.

Johnny must get through 6 differents historic ages by maintaining its level of stomach acidity and get back to the west for sweet revenge.

In every age Johnny will have to face different enemies that will attack him from both sides of the run.

In each level of the game Johnny can catch a piece of a puzzle that is hidden under a trapdoor, if Johnny manages to catch the 6 pieces of that level he will unlock a special weapon that he could use further on.

When Johnny passes a level, he will unlock a costume of that era, available at the shop that can be purchased using the gold coins, costume that he can wear while advancing through the game. Each suit is composed of three parts that can be freely combined into fun looking costumes and can be shared with your friends using social networks